Branding is the best thing to do for your business. However, building a solid & successful brand that is around for a long time that individuals and competitors recognize.  Now that is another story.

However, Before you start to fear growing a brand the right way, keep in mind that developing a lasting brand strategy is within reach. You just need to know the right formula. Keep reading below to learn how to grow your brand quicker than 90% of influencers, authors, and podcasts.

Brand construction is the process of forming clients’ emotions, emotions, memories, and opinions connected with your brand via a strategy-driven plan that stands the test of time and people.

Point 1: Establish Exactly What Your Brand Represents, at its core.

Produce a listing of your company’s core advantages. Why do you want to start the company? What do you want to help people do?

One good way to succinctly summarize your brand’s purpose is to make an Mission Statement. Such as the one at the bottom of the screen.

Your mission statement does not even have to be displayed to the public for it to be real. Utilizing one as an internal directing light can nevertheless supply the inspiration and vision that you  will need to know precisely what the business stands for and how their work should reflect that on a daily basis.

Point 2: Establish Your Brand and Make it Different

How do you differentiate yourself from your competitors? It may seem hard, but many companies do it.

Look at t-shirt sales. T-shirts are made with the same cotton, the same brand shirt, and the same ink for almost every shirt. However, some brands are bigger and sale way more. People see them as more trustworthy. They have done this by making little tweaks to the perception of their business.

This requires a profound look in the competitive area, find out how others are marketing their successful brands, analyze their efforts, then toss it to make your own creative efforts. You don’t have to follow them. For example, Bossip is bigger than any other black gossip site on twitter. They stand out by using creative headlines that resonate with their followers.

Point 3: Your Target Audience

You may think you can sell to anyone, but that is not how it goes online or offline sometimes. When you are looking to build your brand you should be targeting a specific niche.

You should be targeting a certain type of person and thinking about how you can help them.  By solving a problem, you are positioning yourself as an authority and experts are always paid top dollar. Who are the people you wish to help? Are they Dallas Cowboy Fans? Women in their late 50s suffering from menopause? Nurses & mothers searching for a fun outlet?

Never, I mean never, pass this part. Remember if you shoot your shot, you need a target.

Point 4: Create a Unique Selling Point (USP)

Your selling point to your niche should be targeted to one direct problem. If your book is about mental health, what part of mental health are you talking about. A podcast can be about a particular topic also, but you can open it up by interviewing different backgrounds.

Point 5: Structure your brand

Ok, now that you have decided to move forward in building something that will last, you must start building the books, the blogs, the footprint for your newly formed personality. In inventing that, you can build a plan on how to push that to your perspective customers.

Your brand will be an outward reflection of the way you position yourself with clients, how your employees give service, the visual graphics, and the associated ties. For example, look at Chick-Fil-A. They are associated with having the best service of any fast food restaurant. Their food is ok, but just their welcoming warmth makes you appreciate doing business with them. You have to constantly look at how your business is structured and what you can give back to make it seem friendly & squeaky clean.

Point 6: Promote and Post Regularly

 The best part is when all you have to do is promote your brand. You know the direction you want to head to. You have analyzed competitors and differentiated yourself. You have analyzed the people that need your service. Now all you have to do is make yourself relevant to them. Start off by helping them out. Some people kill their efforts because they start off by trying to make the sale.


  1. By paying for people to recognize your brand and then making the sale.
  2. Associating the brand with Influencers that have a large following then making the sale.
  3. Growing a community of influencers to share engagement that allows customers to see different brands. 

Some may say that “I’ve built my brand from the bottom up.” However, they have spent time doing that.

“SPENT” time doing that. Meaning time is money.

In this group, I want to expand on the third option. I want us to grow together by giving each other post engagement and positive reviews on products. Why?  Because the market place theory really works. Whenever people go to the part of town that is the most crowded with the most stores they are going to buy something. The reason why you don’t see department stores in rural places is because the sales are limited. By supporting each other, we essentially make a community of stores that are associated with each other at each other’s benefit.

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